Norwegian-American writer and photographer, currently living in Western Norway. This website features some of my writings; poems, essays, op-eds, excerpts from my books.

Recurrent themes are history, civilization, the human condition, art and architecture, nature, beauty, religion, the English language, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Western culture, life in Norway, etc.

List of works

Instead of converting every text to a web page, I have, for the convenience of both me and the reader, chosen to publish the texts as downloadable PDF documents. To view these documents, you need the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you probably have already.


Beyond It All: A Spiritual Journey through the Universe



"Should All New Buildings Reflect The Time When They Are Built? A Critique Of Contemporary Architecture"

The Startling Disparity between Nature and City in Norwegian Landscapes (essay in Norwegian)

Philosophy/Ancient Greece

"The Myth of Er the Bizarre Conclusion to One of the Great Literary Achievements of Hellenic Culture (Does Plato's Republic Close with an Ancient Near Death Experience?)"


Russia, Crimea and the Lost Conquest of Constantinople (essay in Norwegian)


"When 'Many Ingenious, Lovely Things are Gone'.
The Poem Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen: William Butler Yeats’ Prophetic Account of the Barbarization of Europe"


"Who was Jesus according to Christianity and is Christianity right?" (Essay in Norwegian. With a look at C.S. Lewis' famous "trilemma")

Excerpts from my books

Jeløy (coming soon)

På lengslens gåtefulle vei (coming soon)


Anti-art (coming soon)